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How It Started

In 2012 I started a telecoms company, we were providing a service solely to businesses, phone lines & broadband. The idea was to try and save every business we had as a customer money. SIMPLE. We did this with great success amassing a huge database of clients along the way. Competing with BT Business, Talk Talk etc…

Now every company needs to grow, every company needs to expand. Taking this ideology on, we hit the question how do we expand? How do we create a new revenue stream? We came across the answer when our in house SEO team, who at the time were creating a formidable online presence and ranking for high competitive keywords. We were battling it out with the likes of BT & Talk Talk. The results were showing we were hitting page one.

It was obvious that our SEO team were good, so we applied this to our current database. If we could create more revenue for ourselves, why couldn’t we do it for our existing customers? That’s exactly what we did & may I add with great success.

Soon SEO became our main revenue stream at this point it was that successful, till this day it continues to grow. I cannot stress the importance of being on page 1 on google, for any business.

All of our work is done in house, from website design, logo design & of course the SEO. The beauty of this means that any business owner can pick up a phone & speak to one of our Manchester SEO experts. We will guide you through the process from start to finish, with monthly analytical reports.

“The key to a successful business in 2018 is a strong online presence.”

That’s what we are here to deliver.


Jonathan Strogylos

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